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COVID-19 Updates

"God of all Grace,we don’t doubt that you are with us in the midst of this crisis,

    but we worry about ---     

          what tomorrow will bring        

                who will suffer          

                     how we will manage             

                          when this will be over,


and we wonder if we’re going around a bend that leads to rapids or still water.


In your mercy, Dear Lord, swaddle us with your abiding presence

and keep us from flailing. Rock us in your holy arms and calm us

so we may breathe and believe that you are always here though we cannot gather in your name."     Amen

  ~ Denver Presbytery Pastor, Dana Hughes


  April, 2020

      Live-Stream Service at 9:30 a.m.


 "When this is over,

may we never again

take for granted A handshake with a stranger

Full shelves at the store

Conversations with neighbors

A crowded theatre

Friday night out

The taste of communion

A routine checkup

The school rush each morning

Coffee with a friend

The stadium roaring

Each deep breath

A boring Tuesday

Life itself.

When this ends,

may we find

that we have become

more like the people

we wanted to be

we were called to be

we hoped to be

and may we stay

that way - better

for each other

because of the worst."

~ Laura Kelly Fanucci



  March 30, 2020

  Dear Members and Friends of TCP,

Watch for our emails.  You will receive the Sunday Bulletin and instructions for logging on to to view our live stream service.


   March 22, 2020

Dear Members and Friends of TCP,

We are live streaming our worship service every Sunday morning at 9:30.  Please go to and our screen should appear!  You can try this anytime, however, if we are not broadcasting it will simply say TCPChurch is offline. 

 March 19, 2020

Dear Members and Friends of TCP,

These are trying times indeed!  I wanted to let you know that in-person worship services at TCP are on hold for the time being.  We will, however offer live stream services over the internet.  As soon as that capability is set up we will send out the link so that you may continue to be a part of our worshiping community.  The service will live stream at the same time, Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.  The music schedule will also be the same with Barbara Shull playing every 1st and 3rd Sunday and the Joyful Noise Boys playing on every 2nd and 4th Sunday.  April will be a little different as Barbara will be playing on Palm Sunday and Easter.  Plans for our Good Friday Tenebrae are currently on hold.  

Although the building will be closed during this time frame that the CDC is recommending no gatherings above 10 people, the common surface areas at Trinity will continue to be wiped or sprayed with Lysol.  This is to protect pastor David, Linda Dickinson, Karen Rempel, our musicians and volunteers.  I will assist Karen in keeping areas wiped and clean.  The session has purchased an electrostatic sprayer for when we do open back up for in-person worship.

As to the food bank, we recognize that now is not the time to cut back on service, but we must approach how we reach out to the community in a different way.  This will likely require more volunteers.  The food bank leaders, Karen Smith, Sandy Kessler and Lucy Fitch are thinking and planning how to move forward.  The new approach will probably resemble a drive-thru.  Clients may be asked to make appointments and to let volunteers know of their needs so that food bags can be filled and waiting for them. Only staff and volunteers will be allowed in the building during this time.  A combination of donated and purchased gift cards graciously donated by Mountain Foods in $50 - $100 increments will also be distributed.  If you would like to help with this please let us know.

Steve Meyer, our Treasurer, has asked that, "during this time that we are not having Sunday Worship Services in our facilities and are not receiving the generous financial o
fferings from our congregation, it would be appreciated if offerings for our Operating Budget, Food Bank, and the Deacon's Love Offering would continue. Bills continue to come in to the church and salaries must continue to be paid so if you could mail your offering to Trinity Church in the Pines, PO Box 676, Grand lake, CO 80447, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You."

As always, if you are sick, please let your deacon and/or pastor David know. To reach Linda Dickinson please leave a message on the church phone (970)627-3510

                                                                                         Deacon Parish Care List
If your last name begins with A-G, your deacon is Ceci Mix, etc.

                                             Parish 1                 Parish 2                  Parish 3
                                               A-G                       H-M                         N-Z
     Ceci Mix              Dwight Gorbold          Kate Elliott

Please continue to practice social distancing.   Stay home, rest, hydrate, and get better. By doing this, you are a far greater blessing preserving your health and the health of others. Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Do not touch your face! If you cough or sneeze, please cover your mouth and nose, but do not use your hands to do so because it just spreads the germs. Cover your face with a tissue and throw it away, or if none are available use the inside of your elbow.  Lastly, pay attention to science and pray for wisdom. Together, let us take courage, be patient, consider the least of these and press onward loving our neighbors.



March 12

Dear Members and Friends of Trinity,

With the Covid 19 virus now at the pandemic stage we are making the following recommendations:

All common surface areas at Trinity will be wiped or sprayed with Lysol. 

For the time being, we will have worship service only.  Fellowship and coffee will not occur following worship. 

In order to observe “social distance” please utilize every pew in the sanctuary so that the congregation is spread out.

Offering baskets will be placed in the back of the sanctuary.  Offering plates will not be passed in the pews.

If you are sick, please let your deacon and/or pastor David know. Please do not come to church. Stay home, rest, hydrate, and get better. You are a far greater blessing preserving your health and the health of others than coming to church.

Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly with soap and water. Do not touch your face!

 If you cough or sneeze, please cover your mouth and nose, but do not use your hands to do so because it just spreads the germs. Cover your face with a tissue and throw it away, or if none are available use your elbow.

For the present time, we would ask you to not shake hands or hug one another. Greet one another verbally and share a smile or the gesture of peace and love you prefer.

Lastly, pay attention to science and pray for wisdom. Together, let us take courage, be patient, consider the least of these and press onward loving our neighbors.

Thank you, and, wash your hands!


January 2020

Dear members and friends of TCP,

Welcome to our website! I hope that after visiting this site you'll come and visit our church, as well, and experience what most visitors have told me, "What a warm and friendly congregation this is!"


After each New Year has arrived, I often hear from many how the last year is one that they would just as soon put behind them - that next year has got to be better!  However, before we put one year behind us and look to our future, (and we shall) let me share with you some really good news.  


Linda Dickinson, our Administrative Coordinator is by now a part of the furniture and has settled in with us. Her work with and for us is OUTSTANDING.  She is so very much appreciated.  Thank you Linda, for being so conscientious and dedicated in the work that you do for Trinity!  It is her ministry. Indeed, “well done, good and faithful servant.”

Because of your generosity and faithfulness not only do we meet our budget for operating expenses at Trinity, we usually exceed our goals.  We even are able to allocate more to mission than is budgeted.  Most churches, when they come up short on operating budget income, slash their mission budget, but Trinity is in the enviable position of not having had to do that.  That’s thanks to all of You! 

We have had wonderful musical offerings at the church thanks to the talents of Chappell and Jennifer Kingsland, Barbara and Glenn Shull, Peggy Mann, Hannah Heil, the Trinity Quartet, the Grand Chorale, the T-Bones, Jazz Sunday musicians and choir,  and the Joyful Noise Boys.

Mark and Ceci Mix lead successful trips to Pine Ridge Reservation.  This is significant in that they have succeeded Steve and Barbara Meyer as leaders of the Pine Ridge trips.  Mark and Ceci had very big shoes to fill and they do a wonderful job.  The annual work and cultural immersion trips normally take place in September or October. Stay tuned for the next scheduled trip.


Perhaps the most exciting news of late is the establishment of the, “The Patty and Chuck Wolf Church and Manse Maintenance Memorial Fund of Trinity Church in the Pines.”  Our dear friend Chuck Wolf, who passed in the summer of 2019, long had on his mind to do something wonderful for Trinity Church in Patty’s memory.  He was a builder in Grand Lake.  He and Patty have always loved Trinity Church in the Pines.  They were instrumental in leading the manse expansion project in 2011.  Chuck designed the addition and oversaw its completion.  Chuck and Patty always graciously opened their home to the congregation for picnics and other social gatherings.  For his beloved church and out of his love for Patty in her memory, Chuck gave $100,000 to establish this fund. Though it is to be used primarily for maintenance and upkeep of the manse and church buildings, it may also be used for the purchase of a tall artificial Christmas tree for sanctuary, church music program – i.e. replacing the piano and/or organ when necessary, and replacing, or upgrading the church sound system. 



As each new year begins, we pause at its beginning to shout out a truly grateful “We give thanks for you!” to the many volunteers and servants who make Trinity Church in the Pines a place where God’s call to mission and ministry is heard and faithfully answered! And so,


We give thanks for the communion of Saints who now gather in the sanctuary of God’s Kingdom.           


We give thanks for our faithful members and friends of Trinity. Where would we be without the volunteers who steward our resources --- including our treasurer, Steve Meyer and our Administrative Coordinator Linda Dickinson. 


We Give Thanks for the financial generosity of Trinity’s members and friends who share their monetary gifts which ensure the continuation of the diverse ministry of Trinity Church. 


We give thanks for our diligent leaders, outgoing and incoming, identified and elected by the congregation to serve.  Many and special thanks to our session ( Dwight Hull, Linda Spaet, Neal Cross, Steve Meyer and Steve Mulligan) and deacons (Dwight Gorbold, Kate Elliott and Ceci Mix) who faithfully seek to serve while seeking God’s will for our congregation.


We give thanks for all who serve tending to funeral receptions, bringing food to families in need, noticing “this or that” and taking care of it.  


We give thanks for those who show up to tend furnaces, light fixtures and door hardware (Ike Hull, Dale Baan) and snowfall (Ken Stasco) and for those who clean up after us with love and care (Karen Rempel).   


We are so grateful for the exuberant enthusiasts who are “always” here and for the quiet, gentle souls who also gently serve. 


We give thanks for those who make a joyful noise for the Lord with Lyre and harp (Barbara and Glenn Shull, Daryl Troute, Dennis Stafford, Geoff Elliott, Brandon Goober, David Heil and occasionally Peggy Mann and Hannah Heil).


We give thanks every single day at Trinity that there are people who love the Lord and God’s people here, who show up to make the church the Church. 


We give special thanksgiving for leaders of the food bank, our Pine Ridge ministry teams, the agencies that give much needed assistance to those in Grand County who seek help.


We give thanks for greeters and ushers, candlestick lighters, liturgists, fellowship hosts, mission team members --- The list of servants goes on and on --- Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 


We give thanks to God for all who take up a task and serve as “unto the Lord.” Let us give thanks for the all the ways that God equips and empowers God’s servants here in this place. 


Let us all take notice and give thanks, give praise, give a hug for every child of God who makes Trinity Church in the Pines a beautiful, caring, vital 

demonstration of Christ’s church on earth in our day!


Faithfully, with love and gratitude for being your pastor,

David Heil


Pastor David Heil

(970) 685-7046  -

604 Lake Avenue / P. O. Box 676 / Grand Lake, Colorado 80447






Steve Mulligan  970-531-1677

Neal Cross        303-437-1410

Steve Meyer     303-358-7327

David Heil        970-685-7046 

Ike Hull           303-918-6319

Linda Spaet      970-775-4557




Dwight Gorbold                 

Cedi Mix                              

Kate Elliott                        



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