Presbyterians are a people of mission.
Presbyterians believe that we cannot simply live in our own sheltered world. God has called us to take the gospel to the entire world. God has called us to exhibit the kingdom of Christ to our community. The Presbyterian Church sends missionaries into all corners of the globe, through the regular offerings of local churches. Our denomination has been instrumental in taking the gospel to many other countries in this century. Each local congregation participates in mission activities in its specific community, on a national level, and on a global scale. Presbyterians have always looked outside themselves and their own concerns to work to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission. Today the mission field is also in our own backyard as we seek to share the gospel with the almost 50% of Americans not connected with any local church.

Trinity Food Bank has become something more!

Due to COVID our Food Bank at Trinity has closed.  At the time we could not risk allowing people into the church.  We felt this would put our Administrator, Linda Dickinson and our Pastor, David at risk unnecessarily. 


So as not to waste the food we had on hand downstairs at the church, we gave it all to the Mountain Family Center Food Bank in Granby. They were very appreciative of this large donation.  It has all been used by now for those who were in need.  In the meantime, your generosity has allowed us to make our Food Bank ministry much more.


In partnership with Mountain Food Market in Grand Lake, Trinity is offering $100 gift cards to purchase the groceries folks in need want, (except tobacco and alcohol). The cards are at the market.  All one has to do is mention the Trinity gift cards to the cashier and they will be helped - no questions asked. So, if you, or someone you know is in need of this assistance, we are only too glad to help.


This outreach mission in various forms has served our community for many years and will continue with your financial support.  Financial contributions can be made to Trinity Church in the Pines, and note “Food Bank” in the memo line of your check, or write it on the envelope in the church pew for cash donations.  Trinity Church in the Pines sincerely thanks you for your continued support of this Local Mission.

Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation, Pine Ridge, South Dakota













DEMOGRAPHICS: Pine Ridge Lakota Native American Reservation is one of the poorest counties in the United States.  Approximately 80% of residents are unemployed (versus less than the average of 8% for the rest of the country).  Population estimates of the reservation range from 28,000 to 40,000.  49% of the residents live below the Federal poverty level (61% under the age of 18).  Per capita income in Shannon (Oglala) County is $6,286.  The Infant Mortality rate is 5 times higher than the national average.  Native American amputation rates due to diabetes are 3 to 4 times higher than the national average.  Death rate due to diabetes is 3 times higher than the national average.  Life Expectancy is estimated to be 48 for males and 52 for females.

Interested in being a Member of the Pine Ridge Mission Team?  The mission of our team is to be in Christian service by responding to the local Lakota needs as identified by our ministerial host on the reservation that will benefit our Native American brothers and sisters.  In the past these needs have included light construction and repairs to housing and community buildings and daily interaction with local children.  Additionally, the team has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Lakota culture through visits to historical sites, local artisans, and speakers.

If interested, please contact pastor David, heild@me.com, for more information.


BACKGROUND: TCP has sent and supported a mission team to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota since 2014. Our team went in April of 2019, to the Pine Ridge Retreat Center and hosted two Mission Teams while the Retreat Center Pastor/Host was out of town for meetings. A typical trip usually includes approximately 10-13 people.    

MISSION:  To be in Christian service, responding to the local needs as identified by our ministerial host on the Reservation will benefit our Native American brothers and sisters.  In the past these needs have included light construction and repairs to housing and community buildings and daily interaction with local children. Team members will benefit from these interactions and other cultural and historical education opportunities. 

RESULTS OF THE FELLOWSHIP TRIP TO PINE RIDGE:  Native Americans have experienced mission teams as Christianity in action, helping them to have hope in a better future.  Participants in this mission have been blessed in numerous ways resulting in personal Christian growth, deeper fellowship with team members, building relationships with Lakota people, and renewed commitment to their local churches.

If you have a mission you would like TCP to consider giving its support please contact Linda Dickinson and ask for the Trinity Church Mission Funding Request form below. 


Trinity Church in the Pines has been an active member of the community of Grand Lake since 1942. Our mission statement, “To welcome all, to receive God’s gifts, to respond to God’s call with love”, imparts our desire to support local, national, and international mission.  We have created as part of our operating budget a mission component.  While our funds are limited, we feel that we should distribute mission dollars to these three areas of concern. These funds will be distributed as determined by session, to various organizations through a formal grant process. 

In order to request funds for a mission project, please provide requested information as indicated. 

Your request can be emailed to tcpingrandlake@aol.com  or mailed to Trinity Church in the Pines, P.O. Box 676, Grand Lake, CO 80447. Questions should be directed to David Heil, 970-685-7046, heild@me.com





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