The historic Trinity Church in the Pines (a Community Church under Presbyterian jurisdiction) was not established until long after pioneer days, but among its membership are a number of descendants of pioneers. It was dedicated August 30, 1942, after five years of freely offered labor, and money raised in various ways.  Park on the road in front of the church for easy access to this cache.

Not many churches are built with funds that are raised in the very unique way as they were for this church.  The following information is from the Grand Lake Historical Society website.

From a July 5, 1941 news article

"Grand Lake Stages Rodeo for Church

Grand Lake’s second annual Rodeo will come off with a rip and road today, Saturday, July 5. It will begin at 2:30 o’clock this afternoon, on the rodeo flats west of the village, the site of last year’s race ‘em and rope ‘em wild horse and cattle exhibition.  Not an association rodeo, but a Grand Lake product, the show this year will directly benefit Grand Lake.  All proceeds will be presented to the Community Church to increase the fund for building a new church next fall.  It is a rodeo staged by Grand Lake for the Church, not a rodeo staged by the Church for the village.  Included in the program are nearly every kind of excitement found in any rodeo – racing, bronco bustin’, calf roping, steer riding, trick riding, novelty races, clowning and all Frank Hettinger from Englewood will be on hand with his trick horse to thrill the crown with all manner of fancy riding. Granby, a fast and furious horse will challenge the best of the riders again this year as he did last year.  Tickets are on sale at many village business houses. Prices are 50 cents for adults, 25 cents for children.  Tickets must be worn on your lapel or in some way where they will be plainly visible.  No bleachers will be used for the show, but cars will drive up to the railing around the field."